Cash cash out before you crash in the Spaceman Game by Pragmatic Play. It has a 96.50 % RTP, you can win up to 5000x your bet and you can wager from $1 to $100 per round. Each round has a 10 second interval limit to place your bets.

It has a special 50% cash out feature that allows you to take the winnings for half of their wager and then continue with the other 50% of the bet on the more riskier but rewarding wager. This is a sort of each way bet system that you can use.

Spaceman is a chance-based game that comes from the Pragmatic Play stable. Spaceman is an online multiplayer game that uses the ‘crash’ mechanic. Thanks to the mechanic, the objective when playing the game is to pick the perfect moment when the coefficient multiplier is at its highest and bail out to get a payout or lose you bet if the spaceman crash’s.

When players achieve the objective, the coefficient multiplier they win is multiplied by the bet amount to give the payout. Players ought to note that they still cash out even if it’s not yet at your selected pick.

However, players walk away empty-handed when they fail to cash out before the crash occurs. Holding out for a high coefficient multiplier is not recommended the players’ chances of walking away with the big wins are no so great. If you like taking the risk, the shortcoming is that holding out for too long without cashing out may see the game ending the game with no payouts awarded.

From the game screen you can see the results for up to 500 previous games, you can automatically pre select the cash out point from 1.01x to 4999,99x and auto play is available so you can sit back and relax. You can also chat with other players and view all your previous bets from the top right game window.

NB: This is a game of chance, no special gaming skills or cheats can improve your winnings. To have the best chance of winning just don’t get to greedy regards the higher pay-outs.


The action when playing the Spaceman game takes place in outer space. It’s in outer space where the rocket man glides from a low gradient to a high gradient. There are various planets in outer space hence the rocket man can glide past any of these.


Spaceman comes with just a solitary symbol. The symbol comes in the form of the rocket man.


*Players ought to note that Spaceman does not use a paytable as is the case with slot machines. Rather, the payouts that players receive during gameplay are dependent upon the position of the rocket man when players cash out.

When players cash out as soon as the rocket man takes off, they stand to win low payouts. However, players who hold out for long and cash out when the rocket man is high up in the skies stand a chance of gettinh huge wins.

The tricky part however is that waiting for long before cashing out may lead to a crash. When a crash happens, the game comes to an end and no payouts are awarded.


Spaceman is quite a creative and innovative game to play. The creativity of this game largely stems from the fact that it uses the ‘crash’ mechanic and in that it is an interactive multiplayer game. Players, therefore, ought to note that they can play the game with their friends competing for big bucks and bragging rights.

The game’s return to player percentage stands at 96.50%. This return to player percentage is above the industry average for most games. As such, players who give the game a try can expect some great returns during their gaming sessions if they get lucky and it’s just so easy to play also.

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