Rise of the Genie


The Rise of the Genie slot powered by iSoftBet plays out on a 3 x 3-reel grid coming with 5 paylines, it has up to 95.08 % RTP & high variance. The game comes with a mythical magical theme inspired by genies.

Thanks to the presence of the genies, players are afforded the chance of interacting with these mythical creatures and among other things request for their wishes to be granted and turned into reality on the game reels. All those with special requests will thus find the game to be an appealing proposition.


The reel symbols that players encounter as they play Rise of the Genie slot include the genie, a jar on a pink portrait, a jar on a blue portrait, a jar on a green portrait, a book on a pink portrait, a book on a blue portrait, a book on a green portrait, a red flower, a blue flower and a green flower.




A jar on a pink portrait (On the centre ladder)4 Steps3 Steps
A jar on a blue portrait (On the centre ladder)3 Steps2 Steps
A jar on a green portrait (On the centre ladder)2 Steps1 Step
A book on a pink portrait (On the right ladder)4 Steps3 Steps
A book on a blue portrait (On the right ladder)3 Steps2 Steps
A book on a green portrait (On the right ladder)2 Steps1 Step
A red flower (On the left ladder)4 Steps3 Steps
A blue flower (On the left ladder)3 Steps2 Steps
A green flower (On the left ladder)2 Steps1 Step

*The paytable ladders (centre, right and left) display cash values. When players land a winning combination, the win line determines the payout they scoop as well as the number of steps they take on the ladder.


Rise of the Genie is a colourful and fun game that once launched, virtually teleports players to a mythical canyon-styled countryside. The brown colour from the canyon-styled countryside background graphics protrude onto the reel grid covering it in its entirety. The game’s reel grid lies on the extreme left side while the extreme right side is reserved for the paytable.


  • Wild: Rise of the Genie slot’s substituting symbol is represented by an icon coming with a WILD inscription.
  • Scatter: Rise of the Genie slot game does not have a scatter symbol.
  • Instant Pays: Players trigger the instant pays when they reach the top of the ladder. Once the feature triggers, players must collect the top ladder prize with or without the cash pot. The instant pays steps reset on each new spin.
  • Cash Pot: When players land a winning combination, the payout awarded is added to the cash pot. Also, depending on the number of steps awarded, players move up the ladder. The payouts accumulate in the cash pot with each winning combination landed. Upon reaching the apex of the ladder, the instant pays feature triggers and all cash pot prizes are collected. Players however may at any time collect the payouts in the cash pot. When players cash out, the progress on the ladder is reset back to zero. It’s not possible to change the stake when the cash pot has an available balance.

  • Genie Symbol: At random during gameplay, the genie icon may land on the reels. When the genie lands and expands to cover the entire reel, he collects any prizes available in the cash pot and resets all prizes thus necessitating the player to lose all prizes that s/he may have won. Players therefore must be wary of this.



Rise of the Genie is an innovative slot from iSoftBet which uses an unconventional paytable arrangement. With each win line they land, players scoop cash prizes and at the same time rise the ladder. Rising up the ladder enhances the player’s chances of landing more lucrative payouts with some luck from the genie of course.

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