Responsible Gambling

Gambling at all times should be a form of enjoyment and just one of many interests that you should have for a balanced life. It is critical to not bet more money than you can afford to lose, you should also not spend time betting that takes you away from other important things in your life like your family, friends, education and work.

About Responsible Gambling:

The majority of people are able to bet with their head, but in reality, a small percentage of punters will develop a gambling addiction and will need help.

What is problem gambling:

Problem gamblers will have personal difficulties from the result of spending money beyond their means and/or spending too much time gambling which leads to negative effects for themselves, their family, their work, their education or for their community in general.

Problem indicators may include some of the below symptoms:

  • Betting most days of the week and/or gambling constantly without taking a time-out or break.
  • Withdrawing cash out from an ATM on several occasions during a gaming session.
  • Trying to lend money from family or friends for gambling purposes.
  • Wagering large wins back again into the machine without walking away when in front.
  • Concerned friends or family checking on someone who is in a betting establishment.
  • Not wanting to believe the odds are stacked against them in winning.
  • Suffering from depression and bad mood swings.
  • Showing anger while gambling, hitting and cursing at slot machines, being rude to casino staff or other persons.
  • Spending too much money and time betting.
  • Making excuses for being late for daily schedules or missing appointments due to excessive gambling.
  • Not being able to pay bills on-time or not having the funds for essential purchases due to betting losses.
  • Using money from loans or credit card advances to bet with.


Often the problem gambler will refuse to accept feedback from family or friends as they are in denial of the symptoms. This can create conflict and arguments within family’s and social groups.

Problem gamblers can be dead easy to spot and getting someone out of the cycle of gambling harm can be achieved with the right support and help.

No matter if you are having a bet on the horses, playing the slot machines, placing a wager at the sportsbook or having a bet on the lotto, just remember you should always bet with your head and not over it.

Don’t let the game control you, stay in charge of your gaming. The losing stops when you gamble responsibly at all times.

If you think you have a problem you need to seek some help from below support groups.

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