China MegaWild by SKYWIND is a great game from these developers, they have been releasing some of the best pokies games for casino players over the past few years.

The MegaWild slot was first released for casino players on 9th November 2016, it has a RTP of 96.39 %, a 5 x 3 reel format, 20 ways to win and a medium variance level.


China MegaWild SKYWIND slot machine game has a typical Chinese theme. This gives a great touch to the game, being one of the developer’s best Oriental themed games thus far.


The characters of a game are based on Chinese tradition and the famous Oriental culture, based in the Far East.


  • Swan: The Swan imaged symbol stands out to be the highest payout symbol of the game in a regular gaming interface. This symbol gives out an impressive payout of 500 coins for appearing 5 times across the reels. For the symbol appearing 4 times, the payout is 70 coins. For appearing 3 times, the payout is 20 coins and finally for the symbol appearing 2 times, the payout is 10 coins.
  • Ape: The Ape imaged symbol is the 2nd highest payout symbol of the game. It pays off 300 coins for appearing 5 times across the reels, 40 coins for appearing 4 times, 15 coins and 7 coins for appearing 3 and 2 times respectively.
  • Panda: This is the next symbol, and stands out to pay 150, 30, 12, and 5 coins for appearing 5, 4, 3, and 2 times respectively across the reels.
  • Tiger: The Tiger imaged symbol has a payout of 100, 30, 10, and 4 coins for appearing 5, 4, 3, and 2 times across the reels.
  • Low Payout Symbols: The low payout symbols of this game include different artifacts and household possessions, seen commonly in Chinese houses.


  • Wild: The Wild symbol of this game is an image of Dragon. This is a symbol, which works out in replacing all the other low payout symbols of the game, except for the multiplier symbol. With a substitution done, the symbol forms a winning combination and helps newer images to come up and form a new winning combination in the main reel. Wild symbol however does not pay anything by itself. The symbol, when appears anywhere on the 3rd reel, kicks off the popular MEGAWILD feature.
  • MegaWild: The Megawild feature is a result of Wilds appearing in the 3rd reel. With this appearance, the reel thus turns the entire reel to be Wild and thus, increases the chances of winning great payouts by a whopping 3 times.
  • Multiplier: The Multiplier symbol has an image of a Chinese person. This symbol rightfully appears exactly after a winning combination is scored along the active payline. The wins from a payout is doubled as a result of the symbol.


China MegaWild is a cracker Asian themed casino slot overall, we rate it a big 8.5 points score from 10 in our review. We did quite ok in our real money test session so make sure you have a crack on it.

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