With Chinese culture all over the game reels this slot is just pretty great overall. Legend of the White Snake Lady by Yggdrasil Gaming is a 6 x 3 reel game with 243 paylines, it features Chinese Legends and its culture. This game has a RTP of 96.10 % and a high variance level.


The Chinese feel of the game includes 2 temples and other characters, which forms a crux of the game. The game has lots of animations across the screen symbols which makes it look really alive and cool.


  • The Head Monk: This is the highest prioritised symbol of the game, which pays 2500 coins for its appearance of 5 times anywhere across the reels. For appearing 4 and 3 times, the coins, which can be won are 150 and 75 respectively.
  • Green Snake Lady: The Green Snake Lady symbol occupies the next position and pays away 2500 coins for appearing 5 times on the reels. For 4 and 3 times, the players can win 150 and 75 coins respectively.
  • A Man with Pink Robes: This symbol appears in the main game and offers 2500 coins for appearing 5 times across the reels. The payouts for the symbol appearing 4 and 3 times in the reels are 100 and 50 coins.
  • A Man with Umbrella: The symbol gives 2500 coins for appearing 5 times in the reels and pays 100 and 50 coins for appearing 4 and 3 times.
  • A Man with Yellow Robes: The symbol pays 2500 coins for appearing 5 times in the reels. For appearing 4 and 3 times, the payoffs are 75 and 25 coins respectively.
    Bridge and Tree: These are two different symbols, yet have the same payoffs, and give 2500 coins for appearing 5 times. For appearing 4 and 3 times, the payoffs are 75 and 25 coins.


  • Wild: The Wild symbol of the game is represented by a logo with WILD written on it. It works to give away a respin with a Wild locked in its current position. The Wilds can be locked during respins. Up to 3 Wilds at a time can be held to see for a bigger payout draw. However, only on reel 3, the Wild appears and so does the locking process takes place.
  • White Snake Lady: The White Snake Lady symbol works to pay the bonus payout. Up to 25000 coins are at stake when 5 of these symbols appear on the reel set. However, there are other ways of getting payouts, which commonly includes the role of a Wild symbol, which when forms a combination of 5 along with this symbol, pays off 2500 coins. The payouts for 4 of these symbols appearing anywhere on the reel set is 250 coins. Finally, for the symbol appearing 3 times, the coins that can be won are 100.


Legend of the White Snake Lady online slot machine game based on the Chinese Legend is a super attempt by the developer Yggdrasil Gaming to pay homage to the myth and fantasy slot genre. This game is really great and we rate it 9.2 points from 10 in our review.

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