Gus’s Gold Minecart Mayhem


The Gus’s Gold Minecart Mayhem game powered by IGT PlayDigital plays out on a unique underground mine rail theme. The game isn’t a traditional type game but rather it falls in the mini crash curve game’s portfolio.

Crash style games in recent times have become the go-to games for most casino players hence it’s no surprise that IGT have released a game in this genre.


This game just comes with one symbol. Namely, this is Gus who is cruising in his minecart while holding a lamp. Gus’ minecart travels on an underground rail which is deep inside a gold mine.

Directly above the gold mine is a bar with various multiplier values set in a progressive manner starting from the leftmost position to the rightmost position.

While there is just one symbol incorporated in this game, players ought to note that it is more than enough. This is necessitated by the fact that upon launching the game, Gus will start cruising in his minecart. At the start, Gus will be at a position corresponding to the 1.00x multiplier value on the bar. As the minecart starts moving, the bar’s pointer will also move in tandem with the minecart.

The objective when playing the Gus’s Gold Minecart Mayhem is to cash out before Gus’ minecart crashes. The minecart may crash at any point hence intuition is one of the top skills required when playing the game.

Players who successfully cash out before it crashes will win their current bet multiplied by the current multiplier. Bearing in mind that the more the minecart moves towards the righthand side, the bigger the multiplier, players therefore should give it a little bit of time before they cash out. Doing this will guarantee a handsome payout.

The highest possible payout that players can reach is a whopping 2,500x the bet!


  • Multiplier: This game doesn’t have standard bonus features. Everything is dependent on the multiplier and how far the minecart goes. The longer players take to cash out, the greater the win. However, caution should be used as the minecart’s chances of crashing increases the longer the gaming session goes.

  • Cashing Out: To cash out, players simply need to click the corresponding button before the minecart crashes and they will win their current bet multiplied by the current multiplier.

  • Crashes: The fun yet scary part of Gus’s Gold Minecart Mayhem is that the minecart may crash at any moment. It can crash even when the multiplier is still at 1.00x at which point all bets placed will be lost. Trusting one’s intuition thus becomes a critical skill when playing this game.


Players ought to note that Gus’s Gold Minecart Mayhem game does have a ‘History’ page where players can see the multiplier points where the minecart crashed in recent rounds like in games like Aviator. Overall it’s a super duper game release from IGT and our review crew give it 7.8 points.

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