Carnival Cow Coin Combo


The Carnival Cow Coin Combo slot created by SG Digital plays out on a 5 x 3-reel grid, comes with 243 ways to win, and up to 95.97% RTP.

As soon as this game launches, one thing becomes crystal clear that is, it’s a cracker oriental-themed slot. This is necessitated by the fact that all sorts of Asian-styled ornaments as well as the Fu babies can be seen all over the screen.


The Carnival Cow Coin Combo comes with superb graphics that depict an animated garden landscape. Some tree branches with blossoming flowers can be seen. Sitting on these branches are Fu babies as well as some doves. The symbolic Chinese red colour covers the entirety of the reel grid, a super duper eye candy slot that’s for sure.




5 4 3 2
The golden ingot 10.00 2.00 1.00
The golden lantern 7.50 1.50 0.75
The golden lotus flower 5.00 1.25 0.60
The golden koi 2.50 1.00 0.50
The golden Fu baby 1.50 0.75 0.50
Royal Symbols – Alike symbols only 0.50 0.40 0.25


Players encounter the following reel symbols when playing the Carnival Cow Coin Combo: the golden ingot, the golden lantern, golden lotus flower, golden koi, golden Fu baby and royal symbols.


  • Wild: This substituting symbol only appears on reels 2, 3 and 4 and it is represented by the money tree. The only symbols that aren’t substituted by the wild are the element coins.

  • Scatter: Carnival Cow Coin Combo does not have a scatter symbol.
  • Element Coins: The game comes with three element coins. These come in the form of red, blue and green Asian inscribed coins. Each element coin landed is collected in the corresponding coloured bowl above the reel grid. Upon collecting a few element coins, any of the bowls may be triggered. Multiple bowls can be triggered at once. Once a bowl is triggered, the corresponding feature is awarded. It’s important to note however that there is no correlation between collecting the element coins and triggering either the cow feature or jackpot feature.

  • Jackpot Feature: This feature activates when the red bowl is triggered. Upon activation, fifteen coins appear on the screen. the player’s task thereafter is to pick the coins until three of them reveal the same Fu baby. Once three Fu babies have been revealed, players win the corresponding jackpot prize. Players may also reveal upgrade symbols when they pick the displayed coins. If players pick three upgrades before a jackpot prize is awarded, the jackpot that the player will win next will be upgraded. If the player wins the grand jackpot after having revealed three upgrade symbols, the jackpot is awarded twice!

  • Collection Bowls: The red bowl helps trigger the jackpot feature. The blue bowl helps trigger the mighty feature. The green bowl helps trigger the mega feature. A combination of the green and blue bowls triggering at once activates the super feature. A combination of the red and blue bowls triggering at once activates the ultra-feature and the jackpot feature. A combination of the red and green bowls triggering at once activates the supreme feature as well as the jackpot feature. When all three bowls trigger at once, they activate the ultimate feature as well as the jackpot feature. Players ought to note that as soon as the collection bowl feature activate, the cow feature also activates. The starting reel grid format and number of coins in the cow feature are dependent upon the collection bowl feature which triggered the cow feature.

  • Cow Feature: The cow feature activates automatically once players trigger any of the following features: mighty feature, mega feature, super feature, ultra-feature, supreme feature, or ultimate feature. Once triggered, players receive three free spins. Depending on the feature which the cow feature is triggered from, players also receive a random number of normal coins. Coins symbols that is the gold normal coin and the green coin only land during the feature. All normal coins turn sticky and they reveal a random credit value or any of the mini jackpot values. When the green coin lands, the values on all normal coins are summed up and paid. At the same time, landing the green coin resets the number of spins back to three. When all positions are filled with any or a combination of the normal coins and green coins, the feature ends and the coin values are summed up and paid.

  • Red Mystery Envelope Bonus: The red mystery envelope bonus activates at random during the base game only. Once it activates, an envelope appears on the screen and opens up to reveal a random mystery prize.

  • Buy Pass: Apart from waiting for the Cow Feature to trigger by chance, players may buy their way into the feature. Simply click the buy pass button on the main screen and choose the buy option you want. Afterwards, pay the purchase price and on the next paid spin, you will trigger the feature.


Carnival Cow Coin Combo slot suits players who love playing games endowed with a plethora of bonus features or those who love oriental themes. Overall a fabulous SG slot machine that is a must play we say.

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