There is no doubt that slots are the most popular of all casino games. This largely necessitated by the fact that slots are games of chance which suit both casino beginners as well as pro players. However, though this is the case, it’s nice from time to time to break the cycle and engage in some other Asian themed casino games.

One such game that players may partake in is Sic Bo Dragons, a dice game which comes with an oriental feel to it thanks to the inclusion of a symbolic and generous eastern dragon. This Sic Bo Dragons quick start guide will share with players all they need to know about this Wazdan powered casino game.

Things are a bit different when players switch from slots to Sic Bo Dragons. The only symbol that players get to find when playing the slot is the dice. Players will encounter up to four dice when playing this game. It is this one main thing which differentiates Sic Bo Dragons from other Sic Bo variants as they only usually make use of three dice in the game. This difference makes Sic Bo Dragons more enticing as it adds more chances to win.

When it comes to slots, the objective is simply to land identical symbols on a payline for the chance to get a payout. This is different when it comes to Sic Bo Dragons. The objective here is to bet on the outcome of the roll of the dice.

Players looking to place their bets ought to know that they can place bets on one specific number, a combination of numbers or a sum of numbers.

The maximum payout that players can win per hand is 1240x your bet which is pretty cool.

The Sic Bo Dragons dice game by Wazdan was released on 1st, July 2020. It has a a 96.19 % RTP & a maximum win of 1240x your wager.


Sic Bo Dragons game is laid out on a red table and the screen looks really complicated but in fact it is really easy to understand.

The pockets of the betting section are in a dark red colour. On the opposite side of the betting section on the left and the right are two huge dragons. In the Eastern world, dragons do symbolize good fortune and luck and as such, these two dragons will add more luck to the player during the whole gaming adventure.


  • The game is played by placing a bet on an outcome of rolling three white dice.
  • The player can place additional bets involving the fourth die of a different colour.
  • Each field on the board has a minimum and maximum stake that can be bet on.
  • The game features a minimum and maximum stake for the entire table, that is the sum of the stakes of all bets on the fields.

Sic Bo Dragons is played With three white dice and one additional green die. There are seven betting groups:

  • Single bet— a bet that a specific number will show on any of the three dice. Drawing the number on I , 2 or 3 dice awards a win of 2: I, 3:1 or 4:1 respectively.
  • Double bet — a bet that two specific numbers will show on the three dice. The bet pays.
  • Sum — a bet that a specific sum of numbers will show on the three dice. The bet pays from 7:1 to up to 69:1.
  • Small and big bet— a bet that either a low (4-10) or high (11-17) sum of numbers will show on the three dice. A three-of-a-kind loses. The bet pays 2:1.
  • Pair — a bet that a pair of the same numbers will show on the three dice. The bet pays 13:1.
  • Three and four-of-a-kind — a bet that three or four dice will show a specific number. A three-of-a-kind pays 205:1, a four-of-a-kind pays 1240:1.
  • Any three or four-of-a-kind (a four-of-a-kind includes the fourth die) – a bet that three or four dice will show any number of the same kind. A three-of-a-kind pays 35:1, a four-of-a-kind pays 205:1.

The Sic Bo Dragons table has two limit types:

  • Bet Limit – maximum bet limit on a single table field.
  • Table Limit – maximum bet limit on all table fields.






Single BetOne DiceTwo DiceThree Dice
Combination Bet7:1
Total Bet10 or 119 or 128 or 137 or 146 or 155 or 164 or 17
Small or Big2:1
Specific Double13:1
Specific Triple205:1
Any Triple35:1
Specific Four1240:1
Any Four205:1


  • Customization: One of the most fascinating things about Sic Bo Dragons is that players can customize several things when it comes to this game. There is the option to change the game’s background colour, turn off/on the sound effects, as well as choose the speed of game play.
  • The Gamble feature gives a chance to double each win:After activating the gamble feature, a player can: take the win and end the gamble feature,
    or continue playing the gamble feature by selecting one of the two symbols.

    • After selecting a symbol, a draw is made to determine the winning symbol
    • The player can end the gamble feature after each round.
    • In the event of a loss, the player loses the win value specified in the Current win counter and returns to the main game.
    • The gamble feature has seven rounds.
    • Current win — amount of win that can be taken.
    • Double to — win amount after a correct guess.


Sic Bo Dragons is a great game to play when looking for something other than slot games. Out of a 10 point rating, this game receives an 8 point rating in our game review. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea that’s for sure as it’s a board game, but we promise if you give it a try you will love it.

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