Choi’s Travelling Show was released into the market on 8th November 2016 by the Skywind Group. This game is among the medium variance format with an RTP of 96.61%. The reels comes in a layout of 5 x 3 with 243 pay lines. This 5 reel game is compatible with various devices, including desktop, mobile phones, and tablets from our site for mates rates aka – FREE!

The maximum number of coins that one can win is 300,000 coins. The minimum bet is 0.6, while the maximum bet is 3,000. The game has beautiful creatures designs with features like substitution symbols, scatter symbols, wild, free spins, and stack. It comes in 3 diverse colours, including dark blue, brown, and violet.


The Choi’s Travelling Show game features the Asian circus with various symbols, including playing cards and four animals. Here are some of the base symbols in this game:

  • A Tigerfish – this happens to be the highest paying symbol where you can get up to 50 coins if you have five identical icons on your reels. If you have 4 or 3 of the identical images, you will get 20 or 10 coins, respectively.
  • A Bird – If you get five matching pictograms of this icon, you will get 40 coins. Besides, if you have 4 or 3 similar figures, you will have 15 or 10 coins, respectively.
  • A Dragon – In this symbol, you can get up to 30 coins if you have five similar icons. You will also receive 15 or 5 coins for having 4 or 3 matching dragon icons.
    Tortoise – you will get an overwhelming 20 coins if you have five tortoises in your reel. Besides, you will have 10 or 5 coins if you get 4 or 3 identical tortoises in your reel.
  • Card-rank symbols – this is another symbol that will give you more coins. In case you have 5 Ace and King on your screen, you will automatically get 15 coins. If you have 4 or 3 of these two symbols, you will get 10 or 5 coins, respectively. Sometimes you may have 5 Queens, Jacks, and Tens; in that regard, you will get ten coins. If you have 4 or 3 matching Queens, Jacks, and Tens, you will get 5 or 3 coins, respectively.
  • Bullseye Target Scatter – if you get six or more of these icons, you will unlock the Choi’s Travelling Show bonus
  • Choi – this is the overall Wild icon, which can substitute all the other symbols except for the scatter symbols. You will receive 100 coins for having five matching wilds. Consequently, you will have 50, 25, or 10 coins for 4, 3 or 2 matching wild symbols.


When you activate the Choi’s Travelling Show feature, you will enjoy different bonus spins. You will have a choice between 5 bonus turns and stacked symbols. Here are some of the free spins and the stacked symbols:

  • Tortoise stacked – 11 free spins
  • Dragon stacked – 9 free spins
  • Bird stacked – 6 free spins
  • Tigerfish stacked – 5 free spins
  • You need to look out for the Choi’s Random Super Choice, Choi Wild symbol, and do some re-triggers.


Choi’s Travelling Show is basically about a man called Choi whose livelihood is circus type fair shows with wild animals. The game comes with great audio and attractive vibrant colours to keep the vibe fun.

We rate this game a big 9 score from 10 points in our review, its a must play Asian themed online pokies machine.

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